Welcome to Our New Turtle

Our friend and turtle expert, Richard Ogust, brought back one of Bob’s two cooter turtles after her convalescence from a shell infection. She took to the pond like a (what else?) turtle to water. The other female will join the others soon.

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It's My Park Day

The city-wide It’s My Park Day is happening in parks all over the city from this weekend through the summer. We are celebrating the day on Saturday, May 21. All are welcome for volunteering to clean up, plant, prune, eat, drink and hang out. There will also be activities for children, turtles, fish and maybe

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New Turtles Released in the Pond

On a spectacular spring day, the two little red-eared sliders that Lee Brozgol has been fostering for several months were released into the pond. They joined two much older turtles that went in last week. We are expecting more soon from Robert at Social Tees animal shelter on 5th Street.

(Click thumbnail for larger image)

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Photos from George Hirose

George is an associate professor of photography at Pratt Institute and is working on a book of photographs of community gardens in the East Village and the Lower Eastside at night. His “Magic Garden” series can be seen here. http://www.georgehirose.com/

He took these back in September, 2015.

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Spring in February?

From Lauren Prentiss Hi everyone! Happy spring ?! Here are some pics from my walk in the garden this afternoon. The weather has been so warm it looks like lots of the plants think it’s springtime already. Does anyone know what the orange/red flowered plant is? It’s a bush along the wall of the building.

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Peter Lambert, 1936-2015

We mourn the loss of a true friend: generous, funny, self-effacing, and kind. He had tremendous integrity. Old school. “Bowery Pete” “His father called him Skeezix” From Jane Barrer Co-President of M’Finda Kalunga Community Garden:

“Dear Gardeners:

I am sorry to tell you that we lost our friend and gardener Pete Lambert early this morning. Pete passed away shortly after midnight at Beth Israel.

…We will all miss him.

Rest in peace, Pete.”

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