Spring Birds are Coming

Cornell Ornithology Lab of Ornithology is offering an online course on birds of the Northeast. That’s us!

Spring Field Ornithology—Northeast

Christmas Roses

This is a little late, but in the depth of winter (such as it is this year), we have Hellebors blooming in Valerie’s plot. Kate and Carol, correct me if I’m wrong about the name.

Leslie’s Historic Daffodils

Okay. My grandparents were not gardeners, which means that the farmhouse they bought in the 1940s was surrounded by daffodils the previous owners put in between 1911 and then. They naturalized like crazy and I brought a clump to M’finda Kalunga. That has since spread all over: they have pointed white petals and tiny

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TED Talk from Urban Gardener

Here’s an interesting video from the TED Talks site. If you don’t know about TED Talks, check it out here.

Critter Committee Report

The Critter Committee is working on two exciting projects that we hope will launch soon in the garden. Much like the ongoing chicken project, the Critter Committee hopes to expand the mission of the garden by establishing a turtle pond, and conducting insect releases.

With the help of Richard Ogust, a local turtle expert, we

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From Leslie Harris

Plenty of green on hand, which isn’t true every year! Elizabeth’s tete-a-tete daffodils continue all over the garden. Also, other daffodils: white, white and pale yellow, small yellow with orange-yellow cups, bigger yellow with orange cups, white with orange cups, white with salmon cups, tiny narcissus with all yellow cups and wide petals.

The magnolias

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