Wasp Brings Home the Bacon

It was a sunny and warm September day in the garden. Lots of people. Lots of flora and fauna including this hungry determined wasp who struggled hard to get the dead cicada back to the nest for dinner. He was actually able to fly with his dinner for short distances.

Upcoming Event

From the edge of the other side of the world, wild Africa comes alive!

Superimposed sounds of bird species, elephants, lions and monkeys of the African Congo abound within the garden’s site. Designed to startle, engage and enthrall visitors and passersby, this art event is more than mere amusement however -acting as homage and

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Update on MTA Project

All is not well for residents and businesses on Forsyth between Delancey and Rivington.

Hot Hot Hot

Two days of temperatures in the upper 90s. Alisanne, Mary Claire, and Jenifer set up up the kids crafts table on Saturday, but there were few kids coming to the garden. All hoses were working to water the garden and refill the pond. Bob hosted the chess table at the gate, chess being the perfect

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Juneteenth 2019

Thanks to Debra’s perseverance, compassion and hard work, along with the effort and sweat of other gardeners, the 2019 celebration of Juneteenth was a great success. Bobby Bryan and his group, along with surprise appearance of Irving Louis Lattin, played two sets that had feet tapping, Debra dancing and more than one little kid mesmerized.

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Juneteenth Postponed

Because of tomorrow’s rainy forecast, tomorrow’s Juneteenth celebration is postponed until Saturday, June 29th.