From Jane:

Well the Halloween party at MK Garden this year was a stunner – due to the wonderful folk who contributed time and energy and love to our community.  Thank you to all of you who worked so hard!

Firstly DEBRA  who ran and planned and organized and catered and picked up and put away and took care of all the volunteers – without you Debra the MK Garden parties would be flat, stale and unprofitable!

Thank you to BOB who decorated and welcomed and created his dopfelganger, Faux Bob the Scarecrow, so we will always have an attendant at the gate,  (Take a look if you haven’t seen him already there’s a scary resemblance.)

Thank you to the stalwart TED who created an awesome “Guess the creepy substance table” that even fooled a doctor with his “brains,” and who shopped and planned and cleaned up too.

Thank you to the effervescent JENIFER who took care of the little ones with creative collage projects and general hands-on garden joy.

Thank you to BUD who manfully manned the art table for hours, made bird feeders on the side, and gave expert advice to the face-painters.

Thank you to KERRY and small son JACK  for running the pumpkin beanbag toss event, to K for solving the sound issues with good old-fashioned improvisation and for massive amounts of clean-up before and after, to ELIZABETH and STEVE for clean-up and general smiling cheer, to JASMINE who brought many hands to make light.

Thank you to the lovely students who selflessly gave of their time and energy to help wherever they were asked to – from Dual Language HS, Emma Lazarus HS, Millennium HS and Research and Service HS.

We were lucky with the weather and we are lucky to have such lovely people volunteering their time, labor and goodwill.

Peace and love and see you in the springtime!

(And many thanks to you too Jane)

And more photos from KW