Bob Humber Honored by Citizen’s Committee for New York

On February 27th, 2012, a lucky handful of us accompanied Bob Humber as he accepted the Osborne Elliot Community Service Award at the Citizens for NYC 2012 Gala. Citizens for NYC is an organization whose sole reason for being is to support community initiatives and projects that sustain, grow, and reinforce the bonds between neighbors, and provide opportunities for communities to come together to achieve these goals. CCNYC recognized Bob for his thirty some-odd years of work in supporting the well being of the people and places in our community – including our seniors, our young people, our visitors, our park and our neighborhood. Bob was celebrated in a short film, a thoughtful introduction by Police Commissioner Ray Kelley, and in a loving bio written by K Webster.

For more photos, click here go to our Flickr page. The video is below.

Citizens for New York Program

Bob Humber and Commissioner KellyBob Humber

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