Lady Bug Release

The latest Ladybug release was a big hit yesterday. Dozens of families and kids joined in the fun, doing arts and crafts, learning about ladybugs and going around the garden releasing hundreds of the tiny insects. Many thanks to Jenifer for organizing the event, and Bud, Oriol and Sam for manning the tables. Click on a thumbnail below to see photos.

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It's My Park Day 2015

It was a cool brisk fall day yesterday. Perfect for working in the garden. Old and new gardeners came out for It’s My Park Day to clean up, prune, mulch, organize, eat and have fun. New gardener Rivington Prentiss made an appearance with new mom Lauren. Happy to see our old Food Boss, Kevin, back in the saddle. Penny and Oriol felled a huge mulberry tree. The sandbox was stored for the winter. There was even work outside of the garden mulching tree pits. A perfectly camouflaged butterfly landed on Turi’s shoulder. A great day.

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The Compost is Gone/Volunteers Clean Up

Parks hauled 3 truckloads of compost out of the garden. On Thursday, a wonderful group of volunteers from Ralph Lauren came to add their weight to the Garden’s extensive history of stewarding this beautiful oasis by shoveling out the leftover compost and dumping the fencing. They also swept up and cleaned the bocci court, patio and the walkways. It was a big job and they worked hard.

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Ladybugs Are in the Garden!

Saturday was MK Garden’s yearly kid’s ladybug release. It was a great success even under gray drizzly skies (weather that the ladybugs seemed to like). More than 50 children participated, and there were a number of families who had never been to the garden before. Many thanks to Ted for producing the publicity, Pan for supplying the ladybugs, Bud for being the chief ladybug handler – along with the excellent help of Rie and her daughter Ro, Kate for bringing the snapdragons (on the subway) for the kids to plant, Bob for running the food table and making most excellent lemonade, Steve for taking pictures for the web site and all the other volunteers who helped make it a successful event.

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Lady Bug Release Coming Soon

Once again the Critter Committee is planning another Lady Bug release in the garden on Saturday, June 27. Bring the kids!

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NYC Children’s Theater’s Touring Production

NYC Parks and Gale Brewer’s Office: Today at 1pm in Sara D. Roosevelt Park

Performance Area: Central “The Pit” @ Broome Street

Sunday, June 7th at 1:00PM

When Milo finds out that his favorite city park is going to be torn down and replaced with a shopping mall, he seeks out the help of

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