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Census 2020 Events

With the census count coming up on April 1, our neighbors at the Tenement Museum have asked for our help distributing notices for community drop-in days to complete the census. If you, members of your residential building, or other members of your community would be interested in support with completing the census, feel free to

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Bob's Story

The tenement Museum offers tours of the neighborhood. SDR Park and the garden are always part of the tour. They recently interviewed Bob about his role in the park and the garden and produced this document called “At the Crossroads: A Portrait of 8 New York City Blocks and One Man“.

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Memorial Service for Lost Homeless Men

Bob and some of the men he befriends in the park have organized a memorial service to honor the men who have died or been killed recently in the park and nearby. Please stop by on Sunday, November 10 at 2pm at the rainbow garden in front of the BRC. Here’s a flyer if you

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Halloween in the Garden

Postponed because of rain.

Please join us this coming weekend for our annual Halloween event. Every year we invite families and friends to celebrate this creepy, scary holiday with crafts, refreshments, games and fun. Please forward these flyers to all your friends, especially those with children.

Sunday, October 27, from 12-3pm.

Join us on Thursday,

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Wasp Brings Home the Bacon

It was a sunny and warm September day in the garden. Lots of people. Lots of flora and fauna including this hungry determined wasp who struggled hard to get the dead cicada back to the nest for dinner. He was actually able to fly with his dinner for short distances.