Chicken in the Compost Bin

Karl & Sons spin the bin to stir up the compost. Then in goes a chicken to her All-You-Can-Eat Buffet.

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Nine Years of Chickens

Looking back, we’ve been hosting chickens on the garden since the fall of 2008. Time to look back at the fun we’ve had. Here’s what was posted by Elizabeth after she found a new home for the rooster in 2011.


From: EH Subject: The Rooster I call Chicken

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The Chickens have flown the coop

The chickens have left the garden for the winter. The coop looks very lonely. Many thanks to Amelia, Candice, Judith, Cynthia, Julian, Elizabeth, Mandy, Joe, K, Jane, and Jenifer for all their work feeding and caring for the ladies, Sadie, Flufferbutt and Vanilla. They’re back in Tribeca with their owner, Julian. We’ll miss them.

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Sunday in the Garden

Today was one of those beautiful late spring days in New York. There was the monthly garden meeting during which members multi-tasked (talked while chopping up cuttings into compostable size).

We had many visitors, lots of children, birds, and insects. The chickens were popular. Jenifer worked on the turtle pond and we finally were

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The Chickens Flew the Coop

The three hens have moved to their winter quarters, after a wonderful summer in the garden. They will be missed. We wish them a cozy winter.



Joe hard at work

Mandy with some very fresh eggs

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We Have Chickens!

They’re here! Three lovely feathered ladies arrived today and have settled into their newly refurbished hen house.

And then, there was this!

Please feel free to submit suggestions for names for the birds in the Comments field below. Alexi has suggested Jaclyn, Farrah, and Kate.

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