Critter Committee Report

The Critter Committee is working on two exciting projects that we hope will launch soon in the garden. Much like the ongoing chicken project, the Critter Committee hopes to expand the mission of the garden by establishing a turtle pond, and conducting insect releases.

With the help of Richard Ogust, a local turtle expert, we hope to create a permanent turtle pond in the garden where Red-eared Sliders can live year-around.

Red-eared Turtles0

Red-eared Sliders

Here is a plan for the pond.

The second part of the Critter Committee effort is the release of beneficial insects into the garden. Cornell University Department of Entomology can supply the insects. We are working with Dr. John Losey and Dr. Leslie Allee of Cornell University and their Lost Lady Bug project. They discovered a “lost” specie of ladybug in Long Island last year. It is a nine spotted ladybug and is the official New York State insect. It has not been seen in New York for over 20 years. They have the 9 spotted ladybugs at their lab and want to repopulate New York with them. Our garden could be a recipient of them next year. This year we will get a different variety of ladybug. They are also researching an ecosystem of indigenous insects that we can have in our garden. Crickets and praying mantis are being considered.

Ladybug on a dandelion seed

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