Elizabeth Hubbard

We lost a vital part of our garden’s heart this morning.

It is with great sadness that we let our garden group know of  Elizabeth Hubbard’s passing. She was with her beloved husband Joe. We will honor her, in the spring, in the garden.

She was an astonishing woman, a beautiful dancer, a gifted teacher and an unshakeable garden advocate. She was the most reliable and loyal of friends. Her wisdom was delivered in her unique style – direct and utterly honesty.

To say we will miss her doesn’t begin to express this loss to us, and to our neighborhood.

Elizabeth Hubbard
Elizabeth on point
Elizabeth Hubbard and Roo
Elizabeth at the flower show
Elizabeth and Roo

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9 comments to Elizabeth Hubbard

  • Michael Marx

    Elizabeth Hubbard, affectionately known as Betty-Anne, was a dear sweet woman
    who always amazed me with stories of her life and of
    the neighborhood which we shared. She enthralled me with her remembrances of what the Lower East Side used to be like before I arrived on the scene. I fondly remember running into her on Delancey Street years ago on my way to Radio City Music Hall to see the Rockettes for my first time. She told me that she once had been a Rockette when she was younger and went on to elaborate about her dancing experiences. This side of her absolutely blew my mind for I only knew her as a gardener. Since then I have boasted to friends that I personally knew a Rockette. She was a remarkable person and I will miss her. I love you Betty-Anne.

  • Leslie Harris

    Elizabeth was one of the loveliest, most stable presences in our garden. She kept an eye on everything and everyone. She is one of the rare people who would ask, “How are YOU?” and wait for the answer, looking directly at me. She was GROUNDED. When I would feel a little raw and come to let the garden soothe me, she would also make me feel that all was right with our corner of the world.
    I imitated her row of tete-a-tete daffodils shamelessly when I first took over the plot in the middle. ‘She has style! I want that!’ I told myself. She knew that I was one of her admirers and that this was my homage to her.
    How grateful I am to have walked along with Elizabeth for several years, even intermittently. And I thank her for her care of the neighborhood, this garden, and it’s people all this time.
    Leslie Harris

  • Kim Fong

    Elizabeth was amazing, graceful, and beautiful. She lived life to the fullest and was an amazing advocate for our garden and for our seniors. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her these last few years. And I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Joe and learning how they first met. Theirs is a true love story that reminds us to treasure those in our lives and to enjoy our blessings and enjoy life together. We all dearly love and miss Elizabeth.

  • Peter Gee

    I am completely heartbroken to hear about Elizabeth’s recent passing. In a neighborhood where there are so many voices, Elizabeth always stood out to me because of her genuine and caring spirit. She always asked how you were doing at a meeting and would always make you feel at home and welcome to the garden. Every interaction with Elizabeth made my day and reminds me of the kind of person I’d like to be…someone who leads with kindness and love.

  • Susan Bell

    This photo is precious, as was Elizabeth to our garden. For the nearly 14 years I’ve been coming to M’Finda Kalunga, I’ve thought of it and Elizabeth in one breath– Elizabeth sitting with her loyal canine, saying always only what needed to be said; she gave the garden her elegance of manner–to the point, frank, funny, open, yet discreet, sensitive to what others needed from the garden, be it to chat or find solitude. Elizabeth was kind. Elizabeth had class, and I felt fortunate to encounter her amid the foliage. My warmest wishes to Joe, and all who loved Elizabeth.

  • Kate Fitzgerald

    She always chuckled at my remarks, making them seem more entertaining than they (no doubt) were …

  • Jenifer Marcus

    She was calm and clear and had the presence of sunshine. I will miss her.

  • Jane Barrer

    I will miss Elizabeth so much. Her chuckle, her good advice, her sense of humor, her wisdom (especially about roses,) her serene company. She was always my first port of call at the garden.
    Rest peacefully dear Elizabeth.

  • Ernesta Corvino

    I met Betty Ann when she was a dance student of my father’s at The Juilliard School. Many years later we became colleagues while dancing at Radio City Music Hall. I admired her so much and learned so much from her. Her directness and honesty, combined with her compassion and dry sense of humor was always a source of comfort (and fun). We will all miss her so much. Rest in Peace Betty Ann.

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