Stanton Street CSA News

Here’s some news from the CSA that we host in the garden regarding composting.

We’re happy to offer our members the option of bringing in kitchen scraps for composting. We’ve found that the most odor-free and unmessy way to store scraps at home is in a tupperware container in your freezer.

Scraps may only be dropped off during our regular summer season distribution hours (5:30-7:30pm on Thursdays). Scraps may NOT be in plastic bags when deposited into our collection bin (i.e. you gotta empty your contents out into the bin yourself). Only food scraps may go into the bins–meaning no rubber bands, twist ties, or plastic bags.

WE ACCEPT fruit & veggie peelings/pits/scraps, non-greasy leftovers including rice/pasta/cereal/bread, coffee grounds, paper coffee filters, loose tea/teabags, egg shells, nut shells (except walnut), flowers/plants/potting soil (if not diseased), hair/nail clippings.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT meat, chicken, fish, dairy products, greasy food scraps, fats, oils, grease, bones, charcoal/ashes, coconuts, walnut shells, rhubarb leaves, chemically treated or diseased plants, kitty litter, pet waste.

This news only applies to gardeners who are CSA members.

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