Turtle Medical Treatment Event

We carried out the first of two treatments for a possible infection of our turtles. This required pumping out the pond, moving our growing fish population to a tank, and dosing the turtles with the medication provided by a veterinarian. Richard and Elizabeth did the difficult process of inserting the medication into the turtles’ stomachs.

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Turtle Lays an Egg

Our hens aren’t the only layers in the garden. One of our larger Red-Eared Sliders laid an egg yesterday. She wasn’t able to find a nesting area around the pond to dig a hole for her eggs. So she laid it there on the hosta she’s been living on for days. Richard took the egg

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Tree Map from Emma Lazarus Students and The Hort

Students from Emma Lazarus High School, with the Horticultural Society of New York, have researched and produced this beautiful brochure as part of a project supported by Council Member Chin’s Parks Equity Initiative award. The brochure features tree identifications completed by the students together with their testimonials. The students watered, weeded, mulched, and measured the

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Juneteenth Coming Saturday, June 17

Juneteenth is a holiday we celebrate every year in the garden. Although it is traditionally held on June 19, this year, Saturday, June 17 is the day, from 12 to 3.

Juneteenth is the oldest known celebration of the ending of slavery. Dating back to 1865, it was on June 19th that the Union soldiers

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Ladybug Release a Big Hit

As part of our It’s My Park Day this past Saturday, our Ladybug Lady, Jenifer Marcus held another successful Ladybug release in the garden. Lucy Tozzi and two college friends passed out paper bags, with our spotted friends inside, that eager kids released on plants all over the garden.

Thanks to Jenifer for the photos.

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It's My Park Day

This Saturday, May 20 is It’s My Park Day all over the city and in our garden. Please join us for clean up, planting, hot dogs, food and drink and a ladybug release for the kids.