It's My Park Day 2015

It was a cool brisk fall day yesterday. Perfect for working in the garden. Old and new gardeners came out for It’s My Park Day to clean up, prune, mulch, organize, eat and have fun. New gardener Rivington Prentiss made an appearance with new mom Lauren. Happy to see our old Food Boss, Kevin, back in the saddle. Penny and Oriol felled a huge mulberry tree. The sandbox was stored for the winter. There was even work outside of the garden mulching tree pits. A perfectly camouflaged butterfly landed on Turi’s shoulder. A great day.

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Can Science Help Build Happier Cities?

The garden was mentioned on today’s Science Friday show on WNYC this afternoon. The show featured a writer who took a walk with Ira Flatow “through New York’s Lower East Side earlier this week. Their first stop was the Sara D. Roosevelt park. He described it as “a splash of green in a sea of grey.”” He describes the garden itself in detail including the chess table, park benches, well-kept greenery, with the theory that peaceful green spaces are good for you. No great surprise to us.

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Adam Purple has died

“Adam Purple, the godfather of the Lower East Side community gardens who fought a losing battle to save his spectacular Garden of Eden from destruction for a low-income housing project, died Monday as he was bicycling over the Williamsburg Bridge. He was 84.” He fought a long battle to save his garden and the abandoned tenement he lived in. Both of which were razed for new low-income housing for the deaf. Very different from the fight over the Elizabeth Street Garden.

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The Compost is Gone/Volunteers Clean Up

Parks hauled 3 truckloads of compost out of the garden. On Thursday, a wonderful group of volunteers from Ralph Lauren came to add their weight to the Garden’s extensive history of stewarding this beautiful oasis by shoveling out the leftover compost and dumping the fencing. They also swept up and cleaned the bocci court, patio and the walkways. It was a big job and they worked hard.

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Lady Bug Release Coming Soon

Once again the Critter Committee is planning another Lady Bug release in the garden on Saturday, June 27. Bring the kids!

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The Cardinals

From Elizabeth Hardwick, our bird maven…

Hello everyone,

Today Penny told me that last fall the most excellent Dad Cardinal was downed by the Hawk, in the Liz Christie Garden. All that was left was a few tail feathers. The Mom and her young female daughter departed immediately, leaving a silence in the

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