Early Spring – Ash Wednesday

Happy Ash Wednesday!

I don’t think that’s the phrase that is used. Nonetheless, it is a happy day.

The snowdrops continue. So does winter aconite(?) – short plants with yellow flowers.

At least one daffodil in Carol’s plot (NW corner of garden).

Crocuses galore.

This is a very good time to start raking out the plots–before the leaves and buds of spring bulbs get too tall. I hope to get down there for awhile today.

This is a subtle thing that helped me get through my raking: the winter honeysuckle is blooming. This is the enormous bush in the middle of my plot (center of garden with birdbath). The fragrance is heavenly and, if you get a moment, go stick your nose into it and inhale. I guarantee this will banish any depression or winter blues.

Leslie Harris
Photos: Michael Marx

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