It's My Park Day

Despite the cloudy cool weather, we had a great afternoon for It’s My Park Day. Farmer Ted brought us three hens (yet to be named). Jen and Karl’s two boys cleaned out the coop, put in fresh dirt, straw and wood chips and welcomed the ladies to their new home. One of them laid an egg while waiting in the crate.

Farmer Ted also introduced the subscribers to the Stanton Street CSA. Distributions will begin on Thursday evenings in mid-June.

A big group of volunteers from Emma Lazarus High School did a tremendous amount of work in a couple of hours and were rewarded with hot dogs grilled by Bud.

Jenifer ran the kids activities area. George cleaned and raked the bocce court. Penny reorganized the hose network now that the water has been turned on. We now have 5 turtles in the pond.

(Click thumbnail for slide show.)

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