On Roses (and Winter)

The following is a recent email thread about roses, the BRC, and Private Danny Chen, all relating to plans for the advent of spring in the garden.


If you are feeling that winter is finally here, it may well be. On the other hand, we are being pulled towards spring by new blooms: snowdrops (in my plot, west of the birdbath) and also a flowering twig (quince?) in the SE corner of the garden. This means that spring may not be here, but last year is over. Crocus will be next. Check them out if you have winter blahs.



Dear Leslie,

I think we should definitely have a new plant club meeting soon. Winter is great for being able to see the structure of things. I am looking to refurbish the front entrance of the BRC with roses (have you heard of “Darlow’s Enigma”?) and possibly some grass? and definitely something that will hang over the ugly concrete planters. Suggestions welcome,



Hello Kate et al.

I am wondering if we could create a “world peace rose garden” – there are many throughout the world and I think it could work very well with our garden. (see the mission statement below)

In particular I would like to ask that our garden create some memorial plantings for Private Danny Chen, the young man from our community who was murdered by his fellow American troops in Afghanistan.



Dear Jane,

Absolutely. We should figure out what we want to plant and have a sign made. Do you want to plant an actual ‘Peace’ rose in our rose plot that Sara and I have been tending? Cheers,



Dear Kate and other rosarians(?),

I love a good rose. I’ll have to look up Darlow’s Enigma. What a name! I am partial to older rose varieties, which have more fragrance than new ones and fewer problems. Check out rosesofyesterdayandtoday.com. Also northcreekfarm.org, where I’ve gotten some rugosas (the beach rose family). They will make you swoon. A plant meeting sounds great.


Darlow's Enigma Rose

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