Opening Day 2017

The opening day of Spring 2017 was glorious. Spring has finally arrived. We held the first garden meeting of the season, with a number of neighbors interested in joining getting a tour and orientation before the meeting. The water has been turned on so we can water plants and refresh the turtle pond. We have a new wheelchair accessible raised bed garden awaiting topsoil. There were tons of families coming through. Kids love to dig in the dirt in the children’s area. The sandbox will will be out in a week or so. We can expect new chickens to move in soon also. And we will announce soon the release of our 11 turtles back in the pond after their winter indoors. We have a hawk either visiting or living in the garden. There’s a lot going on!

Come visit. Don’t forget our
Open Hours, Summer, Spring and Fall

Thursdays: 5PM – 7PM
Saturday: 12PM – 4PM
Sundays: 12PM – 4PM

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