The Cardinals

From Elizabeth Hardwick, our bird maven…

Hello everyone,

Today Penny told me that last fall the most excellent Dad Cardinal was downed by the Hawk, in the Liz Christie Garden.  All that was left was a few tail feathers.  The Mom and her young female daughter departed immediately, leaving a silence in the garden.  A terrible end to a fantastic bird.  Bob and I watched him call for 3 long years until he finally found a mate, and they had 2 female babies in 2013, and last summer 2 females, and then a male and a female.  He was so energetic and so happy to have his little families!!  I am very sorry he is gone, the cardinals are so rare and he had just gotten started with contributing to increasing the cardinal population!!

That explains why the young male cardinal has stayed on all winter!  At least he found a mate right away, and the cycle begins all over again.  Just like with human families, with the seasons in a garden – new life springs eternal !

Here are a few photos to remember him, along with the Mom and one of the Dad feeding the Baby.  Hopefully this summer will be a new small Cardinal family – be sure to keep on the lookout for them !!


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