Pete's Plaque

We finally mounted the memorial plaque for our old friend Pete Lambert on the wall in front of the BRC under the rose bush we planted there in his memory. Those who knew Pete will think of him and remember his kindness, humor, and dignity.


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Turtles Leave for the Winter

With a lot of help from a little dog, Richard and I pumped down the pond over the weekend and pulled 13 turtles out. They will live indoors until spring. Our pond isn’t deep enough and lacks sufficient material in the bottom for them to burrow into for the winter.

The fish stay. They stop

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Halloween is Coming!

Bring your kids. Tell your friends. This Sunday, October 28, from 12 to 3.

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Annual Ladybug Release

Every year with the help of the children, we release ladybugs into the garden. This Saturday, October 6, visit the garden with your children to help.

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Bob, Our Hero

Our own Bob Humber was honored tonight at a ceremony at University Settlement as a Lower East Side Community Hero. Each year 5 people receive this award, organized by FABnyc & Downtown Art. Friends and gardeners were there to cheer him on and wish him well on the day after his birthday. Congratulations Bob!

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Lower Eastside 1934

From The Gothamist, this film of the neighborhood, with sound, from 1934. Could this scene be a shot of SDP Park before they excavated?

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